What we do

FunLy Events serves as a wholesale broker/white label concierge who can help you put together the trip of a lifetime. And you can get credit for it — we are okay fading into the background. We don’t advertise our services on Craiglist. We are a leader in the hospitality industry because people like working with us and they understand our core values.
Furthermore, our company uses discretion that is rare in the industry. Whether you need to sell an asset (i.e. your client is leaving two days earlier and you have $20k worth of extra hotel inventory) or you need a last minute fix (your CEO invited four more people to the Super Bowl), we are great at solutions. If you want a fresh perspective where you’ll find fun and transparency, we’d love to hear from you. FunLy offers a variety of services to specifically accommodate your group.

These services include:

  • Accommodations (Hotels, Workforce Accommodations, Huts, Igloos, etc.)
  • Sponsorship Onsite Activation (retail, parties, promos, etc.)
  • Full Service Hospitality (start to finish VIP Travel)
  • Airport & Ground Transportation (from buses to limos)
  • Tour & Custom Activities
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Consulting